Week of December 2, 2019

Colin Dismuke / December 02, 2019

1 min read

A few visualizations (best viewed on a big screen) of note from around the Internet this week:

Global Fishing Watch

A collaboration between Oceana, an international ocean conservation organisation; SkyTruth, experts in using satellite technology to protect the environment; and Google, who provide the tools for processing all of the data. Fishing activity from all over the world is shown in realtime.

U.S. Gun Deaths

Near realtime, crowdsourced data of 2013 gun deaths.

A World of Terror

Terror attacks from 1970-2013.

The Next to Die

The Marshall Project, in collaboration with many publications around the US, keeps track of death row inmates and shows who will be the next to die.

Beautiful News Daily

Finally, in contrast to most of the visualizations above, a daily compilation of unseen trends and uplifting statistics about the world we live in.

From Information is Beautiful:

We’ll be releasing a chart every day for a year to move our attention beyond dramatic news headlines to the slow developments and quiet trends that go unseen, uncelebrated. Amazing things are happening in the world, thanks to human ingenuity, endeavour and collaboration.

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