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Colin Dismuke / December 05, 2019

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Hi 👋

My name is Colin Dismuke. I’m an ocean engineer, software developer, and collector of eclectic interests (just like it says on the front of the box!).

This is my personal site where I drop notes, photographs, and audio about things that I am interested in. Generally speaking this website will capture thoughts I have about technology, photography, learning, business, and my endless obsession with learning and gear (great pair, right?).

The entries on this page aren’t all complete thoughts—it’s a space for me to post what I like in a place that’s not controlled by anyone (except me).

If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter, on Github, on AngelList, on LinkedIn, and on Instagram. I’m cpdis pretty much everywhere so, if you’re wondering, that’s probably me. I publish a weekly newsletter about interesting things I find on the Internet.

I joined Delmar Systems in 2012 as a member of their engineering team and I’m moving to Perth, Australia in Spring 2020. I’ve done a lot of engineering work and traveled all over the world designing and deploying mooring systems. Recently, I’ve spent a lot more time buildingthingson the internet and graduated from Lambda School’s fullstack web development program.

Before that, I spent six years at Texas A&M getting a few degrees.

If you like something you read here, please feel free to share it and let me know. It’s always nice to get feedback 😄

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