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Colin Dismuke / April 21, 2020

2 min read

Tap the Share icon on a tweet. Tap Share Tweet via… Touch the Mail icon to create a new message. Start typing my email address on the To: line, choose the first one, then tap the Send arrow.

I’ve performed the above actions hundreds of times to send myself links and tweets to read later. Prior to iOS 13, my primary Gmail address would appear first on the To: line. Unfortunately, after iOS 13 was released the great AI decided that would no longer be the case.

Instead, one of my other email addresses appears first and won’t change until I arrive at the unique part (and they all start with colin.dismuke 🙄). Even worse, the From: address then changes to my work email address and my email signature to my work specific signature.

After enduring this for several weeks and accepting that nothing was going to change, I built a Shortcut that both simplifies and enhances the process.

Email link shortcut

Screenshot created with Federico Viticci's excellent Apple Frames.

The Email link shortcut accepts either Safari webpages or URLs (from tweets, messages, emails, etc.) and is accessed using the Share Sheet.

Shortcuts gets the title of the webpage from the shared link and sets that as the Subject of the email along with a few nice emoji, the link being shared is put in body of the email, and then the email is sent. Much more efficient than my previous workflow 👍🏼

Get the Email Link shortcut here.

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